A learnership is an agreement between an employer, employee and an accredited training center. The training centre’s responsibility is to provide quality training and fair, transparent and reliable assessment. The employer's responsibility is to expose the learner to all aspects of the qualification and give the learner time off to attend training at the training center. The learner's responsibility is to complete all the unit standards at the training center after which the learner needs to compile a portfolio of evidence of all the work they have been exposed to in the trade. This process is covered over a three year period. At the end of this period the learner may apply for a trade test.

Ceta learnership plumber training program

1. Applicants wanting to train under a CETA learnership plumber training program are required to be employed by a registered plumbing contractor prior to entering into formal plumber training.

2. A CETA learnership training agreement requires that the learner shall attend full time plumber training at a CETA accredited training college for a period of sixteen weeks or more, where he will be required to pass twenty three unit standards in order for him to obtain the necessary credits for his qualification.

3. Learners in the program should note that on top of the practical plumber training, they will receive at the training college, the learner will be required to complete 24 months training on site under the supervision of his employer’s qualified plumber, before submitting his practical training credits, and the learners log book to the training provider for verification.

4. The training provider will then forward the learners completed documents to the CETA together with the employers log book, which shall include all site assessments of the learner’s competency levels during the training period.

5. The Construction Education Training Authority (CETA) will then register the learnership as being complete and issue the learner with a National Certificate in Construction Plumbing at NQF Level 3, that certifies that he can trade as a qualified plumber.

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