Membership Code of Conduct



A member shall at all times

1.         Promote the importance of plumber training and plumbing skills required to maintain the dignity and reputation of the trade of plumbing.

2.         Promote the importance of maintaining the standards and quality of plumbing products and plumbing installation work, as prescribed by the SABS through the SANS Codes of Practice, the National Building Regulations, Local Authority Byelaws and compulsory standards for plumbing as set out in the Water Services Act published on the 8th June 2001.

3.         Conduct themselves and their businesses in a manner which shall be seen by those they serve as being honourable, transparent and fair, especially with regard to such guarantees or warranties on product, or backup service that they offer.

4.         Apply the basic principles of free enterprise within the operation criteria of one’s own business, whilst at the same time respecting the operating criteria of other disciplines making up the plumbing industry.

            Members shall appreciate that in order for a member to expand or move into another discipline, he would have to register a separate entity, and understand that they will be required to comply with all the entry levels of that part of the plumbing industry into which they intend moving.

5.         Only install SANS or similar approved products, or in the absense of a SANS specification in this regard, the product shall at least have been tested by the SABS, and issued the relevant certificate.

The member shall also understand that if imported goods are to be used, the plumbing contractor shall at least make sure that the product has been tested by the SABS and issued with the relevant certificate.

6.         Voluntarily register with IOP(SA) on an annual basis and pay annual fees in accordance with the membership category in which he is registered, as approved by the National Executive Committee of IOP(SA).

7.         Safeguard the public interest at all times concerning health and safety by promoting to consumers that one should only use SABS approved products, and that they are required to be installed by a qualified plumber.

8.         Observe that in promoting plumbing products or members installation services through the media, that all such advertisements be an honest interpretation of that product, or service, according to the guidelines laid down by the advertising standards authority.

9.         Be available at all times to attend a disciplinary hearing of IOP(SA), in the event of a complaint being lodged against a members product, or installation service, or irregular business service.

10.       The National Executive Committee has the authority to suspend, or cancel the membership of those members who infringe the IOP(SA) Code of Conduct.



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